Once a build is officially dispatched to manufacturing, it enters the reservation stage where specific inventory units and quantities are set aside. Reserved inventory cannot be adjusted, reserved, or transferred for another purpose, but the reservation may be canceled at any time.

Build-Details-ReservedA build typically enters the reserve phase when the contract manufacturer or assembly line are instructed to start work on the build. At this time, specific inventory units (quantity of a part at a specified location) are reserved for the build.

Once reserved, these inventory units may not be transferred, reserved, or adjusted for any other purpose. At this stage you need to specify specifically which units at which locations will be used for the build.

Entering Reserve Quantities

The build consumables are presented in a table below the build details. Each item on the build is displayed along with the quantity allocated, each available inventory unit and its unit cost, as well as the extended cost.

As you enter quantities of each inventory unit to consume for the build, Aligni computes the difference with the quantity allocated.

Overage and underage are perfectly acceptable here and may occur if known quantities are subject to attrition or if part substitutions were made at build time. The “Over/Under” column is simply a reference to help you account for the inventory you’re consuming in the build.

Additionally, the extended cost is determined in real-time to give you an indication of that component’s contribution to the total build cost.


Canceling a Reservation

You may cancel (undo) a reservation at any time. Reserved inventory units will be canceled and the parts will revert back to their allocated status.

InventoryConsumption-Status3Inventory Status

On the part’s inventory radar, reserved inventory appears directly below the associated inventory units on the part inventory radar.

When inventory units are reserved for a build, they are unavailable for transfers or adjustments in anticipation that they will be consumed for the build.  If you need to adjust these counts, you will first need to cancel the reservation.