Keep accurate part information at your fingertips for well-oiled engineering and maximal re-use.
  • Hierarchical bill of materials
  • Custom part attributes
  • Part alternate management
  • Intelligent value search
  • Approved vendor list
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Change Management

Change Management

Communicate, collaborate, and coordinate the entire change cycle to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Engineering Change Requests (ECR)
  • Engineering Change Orders (ECO)
  • Efficient linking to part revisions
  • Simple approval workflow
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Inventory & Builds

Inventory & Builds

Manage inventory at multiple locations, track historical usage, and accurately predict future requirements.
  • Multiple warehouse locations
  • Easily determine material requirements
  • Schedule builds for material planning
  • Accurately record finished goods costs
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Quotes & Purchases

Quotes & Purchases

Communicate efficiently with suppliers, keep quotes right where you need them and create purchase orders quickly.
  • Email RFQs directly from Aligni
  • Quickly create and issue POs
  • Quote and purchase info at your fingertips
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Tool for teams: from startup to enterprise

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Easy to Use

Specifically created for organizations that make stuff — from wearables to tractors, things on the internet (IoT) to things that run the internet, electrical to mechanical, and everything in between.
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Leverage On Demand

Gain all the advantages of on demand – no software to install, no database to configure, no IT to support; all you need is a supported browser.
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Share Information

Aligni enables real-time collaboration and extends visibility of parts, components, and vendors across your extended team (including contractors and outsourced manufacturers) with a single, accurate view accessible to everyone (with permission), anytime, anywhere.
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Secure Access

The security of your company’s confidential information on the Aligni service is a top priority. An SSL-enabled browser is required for all access to the Aligni service and no one can access your data without securely logging in. All data transfer between your browser and our servers are encrypted to prevent eavesdropping.
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You Own Your Data – ALWAYS

Your data is yours — we just provide a convenient way to enter and organize it.
  • CSV
    Data import / export
  • XML
    Flexible API access
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Changing Service Plans

You can cancel your plan at any time online. To upgrade or downgrade, please contact our sales email or support staff.
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Test Aligni with a populated database

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Why Aligni?

Aligni is all about improving your operational intelligence. And that can help you make better decisions faster.

What is PLM?

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is an approach to product development that motivates you beyond a mere tabulation of the parts on assemblies to a full-scale engagement with the living story of the evolution of your products. Much more than a two dimensional bill of materials in a lifeless spreadsheet, PLM hosts a universe of connected data where every part’s history is recorded with usage, change history, supplier quotes, lead times and availability, purchase history, inventory, and builds. The operational intelligence created by a properly curated PLM system is unrivaled.

What is MRP?

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is the process by which an organization manages the procurement of the materials required to build their products. Every manufacturing organization exercises this to some extent, of course, but the tools used to execute this process vary from simplistic (spreadsheets, Quickbooks) to highly advanced automated systems operating with minimal human involvement. Aligni falls comfortably in between — ideal for companies with limited resources but a need to stay engaged and in control. Well executed MRP means lower inventory overhead, shorter assembly lead times, and fewer line-down situations.

What is Aligni?

Aligni represents a marriage of PLM and MRP. Typically, the chasm between these two tools is filled with expensive and complicated interoperability software, processes, and effort. Integrating separate PLM and MRP can be difficult, but building Aligni from the ground up brought these two worlds together rather seamlessly. The benefits of a ground-up approach are extensive — engineering can greatly benefit from the perspectives of the supply chain and procurement gains insights from ready access to the product lifecycle. A consistent user interface and terminology helps everyone communicate more effectively.

Plans and Pricing

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