Keep accurate part information at your fingertips for well-oiled engineering and maximal re-use.


Manage multiple assembly versions so everyone from design to production is on the same page.

Quotes & Purchases

Communicate efficiently with suppliers, keep quotes right where you need them and create purchase orders quickly.

Inventory & Builds

Manage inventory at multiple locations, track historical usage, and accurately predict future requirements.

“I don’t know where to begin; except, maybe, that I love Aligni! We had suffered for so long with a number of sub-optimal solutions to our procurement needs. With Aligni, most of these issues have been relegated to the wastebasket of the past.”
— Ian Wristbridge, JPW Associates

“Aligni has dramatically improved our regulatory, compliance, productivity, and quality control.”
— Jon Henderson, Viscell LLC

Easy to Use

Specifically created for engineering companies or departments, Aligni is logically designed, fast to set up and easy to use. Realize ROI within days and benefit from dramatic time savings.

Share Information

Aligni enables real-time collaboration and extends visibility of parts, components, and vendors across your extended team (including contractors and outsourced manufacturers) with a single, accurate view accessible to everyone (with permission), anytime, anywhere.

Leverage On Demand

Gain all the advantages of on demand – no software to install, no database to configure, no IT to support; all you need is a supported browser.

Secure Access

The security of your company’s confidential information on the Aligni service is a top priority. An SSL-enabled browser is required for all access to the Aligni service and no one can access your data without securely logging in. All data transfer between your browser and our servers are encrypted to prevent eavesdropping.

Plans and Pricing


Base Cost (per month) enterprise
Additional Cost per User (per month) $27 $17 $7
Parts 10,000 3,000 1,500
Builds in Progress 100 50 10
Change Management (ECM)
Equipment (Configuration Management)
Signup Signup Signup

System Requirements

To access Aligni, you will need an Internet connection and a modern web browser with Javascript enabled. Aligni officially supports recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 or later (Windows), and Safari. Internet Explorer 10.x and earlier are not supported. We highly recommend Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Try Aligni for Free

Every plan includes a FREE 30-day trial period with full functionality. You can also try Aligni with a populated database by visiting our Demo Site.

You Own Your Data – ALWAYS

Your data is yours — we just provide a convenient way to enter and organize it. You can schedule automatic backups to store an XML file for archival or import into some other software. You could also access your data through our API for a more programmatic approach.

Changing Service Plans

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time. Visit your site account settings and choose the new desired plan.


Aligni provides an easy-to-use relational database that allows you and your colleagues to store, search, find, and manage hundreds to thousands of discrete parts including multiple sources of manufacturers and vendors for each part. Easily collaborate on parts and projects from small teams to enterprise-wide engineering organizations.


Part Detail


See all your part detail information on the part radar screen including custom parameters such as strings, booleans, SI numbers, and options.



Easily draft, release, track, and compare part revisions as your data evolves. Past revisions and changes are available at your fingertips across your organization.



Find parts fast, filtering by manufacturer, part type, value, and a host of other time-saving techniques. QuickSearch is available on every page at the press of a key.


Approved Vendor Lists

Manage your approved vendor list (AVL) within the database and communicate effectively with suppliers using ActiveQuote and purchasing integrated into Aligni.


Part Alternates

Effectively manage interchangeable components such as resistors, capacitors, screws, and provide a part alternate report to manufacturing for efficient communication.



Attach notes, URLs, and files to any part, supplier, or build in the database. Store your datasheets, user’s manuals, Gerber files for manufacturing, design diagrams, and more.

Projects and Assemblies


Revision Management

Track changes to assembly BOMs with formal draft and release management.


Hierarchical BOMs

View and drill-down through the full hierarchy of multi-level BOMs.


Cost Sheet

Quickly see a concise run-down of the costs of an assembly including costs based on minimum quotes, maximum quotes, inventory prices, and even quoted pricing based on a specified quantity.



Tag subparts as “No-Load” and the part will no longer be shown on short-lists and cost-sheets, but stays on the bill of materials for reference.


Non-Material Parts

Keep track of non-material assembly costs such as labor by assigning non-material parts to the assembly. These items get the full benefit of other parts in the system including ActiveQuote.


Kit List / Drill-Down

The Kit List shows a flattened drill-down of all parts required for an assembly, including sub-assemblies, conveniently sorted by part.


Build History

All assembly builds are archived for cost and component reference so you know what revision was built, when, and how much each part cost.


Multiple Locations


Carefully track every part from order receipt to finished goods production at multiple locations, including your contract manufacturer.


multiple locations

Use the PartCart to compile an inventory transfer, print a packing list, and indicate the parts that are in transit. When they arrive at their destination, you will complete the transfer.



All inventory changes are stored as inventory history items that you can review at any time. If there’s ever a discrepancy, your complete inventory history can help quickly get to the root of the problem. History records link back to consumption orders or transfers for easy reference.


Short Lists

A quick glance at the Short List will show exactly which and how many parts you need to buy to complete the build. Aligni organizes the view for one or more assemblies and in a particular build priority.


Predict Demand

Use scheduled builds to generate component demand for quoting and purchasing activities. Specify reorder quantities to keep specified inventory above low-water marks.



With assigned attrition to part types, Aligni automatically accounts for attrition losses to inventory when allocating inventory for builds.

multiple locations


Sequence project builds and manage them every step of the way from scheduling and part allocation to completion. Store attachments such as purchase orders, deviation approvals, and certificates of compliance.


Label Printing

Customize and print inventory asset labels to Dymo LabelWriter printers.

Quotes and Purchases

Aligni’s ordering and purchasing functions automate our buying process. Aligni tells us when and where to order parts, providing buy-lists and vendor contacts. Aligni significantly reduces our expenses by increasing productivity in the purchasing process and freeing up this time for the engineers to use in real development work.
Garrick Kremesec, Jova Solutions

multiple locations


Get quotes from vendors and submit purchase orders in multiple currencies. Currency exchange rates are applied for cost analysis and receiving to inventory.

multiple locations

Part Cart

Quickly build RFQs and Purchases using the context-aware Part Cart and eliminate data entry errors — just like a shopping cart at an online store.

multiple locations

Price and Quantity Helpers

Handy helpers integrated into the quote and purchasing forms minimize clicks and put all the information you need right in front of you.

Vendor Access

With a link in their email, vendors get direct, secure access to your RFQ and Purchases. They can enter quote pricing, lead-time, min/mult quantities, and comments directly into your database and acknowledge POs with a salesorder number and delivery promise dates.



Compare Quotes

Aligni makes it easy to compare vendor quotes on the same screen, saving you time and money.


Receive Inventory

When parts arrive, receive inventory directly into your database, optionally generate asset IDs, and print asset labels all at once.

Suppliers, Customers, and Contacts



Suppliers and Customers

Manufacturers and Vendors are critical to your part database, but you can also keep customer information as a one-stop shop for term sheets, purchase agreements, and other key information.



Keep company contacts in the database and link them with a vendor (and possibly multiple manufacturers). Use this link the send quotes and purchase orders to these contacts via email.


Vendor Part Numbers

Specify vendor part numbers and buy-as quantities so you can best handle purchasing from your vendors. Store multiple vendor part numbers to indicate different packaging options.


Approved Vendor List (AVL)

Your Aligni Approved Vendor List makes it easy to see where to purchase any given part. Aligni also lets you manage approval dates and expiration for vendors for compliance purposes.



Use ActiveQuote to get a handle on efficient quoting. Stop searching hundreds of emails and accurately manage project costs.



Keep track of vendor references, ordering procedures, purchase agreements, and anything else that makes your operation more efficient.



multiple locations

Customize Aligni for your organization with custom part parameters you consider important including parameters specific to your business practices and processes. You can even configure how parts are displayed in the interface.

User Access

multiple locations

Manage user access with over 35 granular permissions and manage separate geographical locations by qualifying those permissions to specific inventory locations.


CSV Import Utility

You can import CSV (comma-separated values) files into any Aligni assembly. For example, many CAD tools will produce bill-of-materials output in CSV format that can easily be imported to your component database on Aligni. You won’t need to rearrange the columns from your CAD package — the import utility can help with that!


CSV Export

Export any project view (part list, kit list, or cost sheet) into a CSV file for easy transfer to a contract manufacturer or spreadsheet for further manipulation.


Part List Comparison

Compare two part lists using Aligni’s part list comparison tool and easily see version differences and assembly variants..


Automatic Site Backups

With an associated Amazon S3 account, Aligni can automatically archive and back up your data for you. Your data is exported as human-readable XML, compressed, and stored in your S3 account on a weekly basis. Aligni will even send you an email notification when a backup is complete.



Aligni’s full-featured Web API let’s you create custom interfaces for import and export tasks. This can be helpful if you need to migrate data from another system or extract data in custom ways.