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Aligni for Supply Chain Managers

Within Aligni, it all starts at the Supply Chain Dashboard pictured here. 

Keeping on top of part and material needs is a complex operation. While it’s easy to simplify it to matching production needs to orders, doing it well means going much deeper than that. Aligni is designed to help manage those depths for buyers and purchasing departments.

Here, we have outlined a few of the major ways Aligni streamlines the part procurement process.

Manage all quotes from one screen

The quotes panel in Aligni that lists quotes currently open and older, closed quotes

When buyers utilize the built-in ActiveQuote capabilities, they not only see current quotes in process and their status, but buyers can sort these by date created and by whom. Further, the quote view can be filtered by which stage of the process the quotes are in within Aligni.  Buyers may choose to view only drafts, pending, open, or closed quotes – all within the Supply Chain dashboard pictured in the header at the top of the page.

Keep track of purchases

The Aligni purchase history panel displaying past orders

Aligni also follows purchase orders and their process all the way to material receipt at the company’s facility.  On the Supply Chain Dashboard, buyers can see all purchases, their issue date, the vendor, and the current status. Purchase order filtration operates in the same fashion as what can be done with quotes.

Connect quotes and orders with production needs.

Aligni Build Manager panel with build calendar providing visual understanding of build scheduling needs

At Aligni, we know that purchasing operations don’t happen in a vacuum. The Builds section of the Supply Chain Dashboard connects the buying operations to the needs of the shop floor. This section line-lists the needs of production and whether the materials are allocated, reserved, or need to be requisitioned. Aligni also summarizes the information in its Build Calendar at the top of the section. The calendar provides buyers with a quick, visual understanding of the needs of production. Instead of digging through lists, supply chain managers can more easily focus on what’s needed and when.

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These aspects are just a few of the capabilities Aligni’s Supply Chain Dashboard provides to buyers and purchasing managers. Learn more about how Aligni can help you handle safety stock, manage inventory time lines and streamline supply chain operations.

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