Managing the Quoting Process with Aligni

Going Beyond the BOM

The Aligni software has been specifically designed to integrate the quoting and ordering of components within the design and manufacturing process. This integration provides the ability to get in front of part and material needs before lines go down or economics change. The software provides a proactive purchasing environment where strategic decisions can be made not just on inventory quantities, but on pricing, availability and quality as well.

Managing Quotes and Purchases

Purpose-Built Supply Chain Management Functions

Using Aligni’s built-in ActiveQuote capability, manufacturers and engineers can effectively manage Requests for Quotes (RFQs), received quotes, Purchase Orders (POs), and other communication between the firm and suppliers. These documents are stored in a way that makes them easily accessible to Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing, and Engineering as they become available and over time. The latter capability provides the firm with the information needed to recognize trends in availability, pricing, vendor performance and selection, and other aspects.

To do this, the ActiveQuote system manages the buying process digitally. From collecting the firm’s component needs to communicating directly with potential vendors, Aligni’s ActiveQuote process captures all these aspects within the system in an easily searchable format.

Aligni Vendor Portal

When vendors are added to the Aligni, they can manage their part of the purchasing process and input data directly into ActiveQuote. This data import includes such details as pricing, lead times and quantities on hand and more. When ActiveQuote is used, quotes and orders can be easily managed by their stage in the process from the Quote Manager screen.

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An Integrated Purchasing Solution

Bringing all this process and data together provides the ability for the company to manage the complexities of inventory ordering against consumption in a real-time format that makes sure everything can be monitored. It also means the company has the data it needs to make the right decisions ahead of time instead of reacting to situations as they happen.

If you’re looking to manage not just your inventory but the buying process for that inventory, do it with Aligni ActiveQuote and get the next-level control and oversight you need to stay on top of the process. Sign up today for Aligni!

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