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Modernize your design infrastructure & improve the way you bring products to market.

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Fully Integrated PLM & MRP

Crossing the chasm between design and production is often costly. Maintaining two separate systems is cumbersome and fraught with error and miscommunication. Aligni’s PLM and MRP functionalities are built on the same item master so your entire team stands on a firm foundation.

Learn more about Aligni’s item master database

How CAD, PDM, PLM and MRP work together diagram

Be adaptable

Build Management

Punch above your weight with world-class build management. Supply chains are tricky and volatile. With Aligni you can quickly adapt to changing conditions and work directly with vendors to avoid expensive line-down situations.

Read about Aligni’s build management process

Aligni MRP builds manager screen that indicates production jobs or builds, when production is scheduled and parts and materials availability

Be informed

Understand Material Shortages

Demand is everything. Customer demand drives production. Production demand drives procurement. Aligni MRP helps you better understand demand so you can make the best possible operational decisions.

Effectively manage your inventory levels with Aligni

Aligni MRP material shortage report screen showing builds that have parts, orders that are short on parts and production batches that are low on parts to provide managers the ability to fix issues before they become production problems like downtime or stockouts


Master Inventory Demand

Aligni’s advanced features allow manufacturers to chart out future part and material needs against predicted sales orders, compare purchasing activities and take action before potential shortfalls become big issues – even across a product’s entire lifecycle.

Build a better production schedule using informed guidance from Aligni’s demand estimator. Smooth out unpredictable demand spikes using the safety stock manager and inventory outlook. Plan better with better tools.

Aligni demand estimator inventory forecast graph showing estimated parts usage over time

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Grow with best practices

Baked-in industry-standard processes and sensible defaults help guide you to operational excellence.

Skip the consultants

Aligni needs no costly on-site migrations, shutdowns, or training by specialists and technicians.

Transparent pricing

No hidden commitments or up-front fees. Upgrades and add-ons are available when you want them.

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MRP Features

Centralized Part & Specifications Management

Aligni’s searchable database stores part and material information including: where parts are used, alternate parts, custom part parameters, documentation & compliance data, as well as BOM placement.

Engineering Change Management (ECM)

Built-in ECR and ECO change management processes that manage part, assembly, version control, and quality aspects to make sure product issues and updates are recorded and handled properly.

Interdepartmental Collaboration

Engineering, supply chain, production, and quality work off the same data system through department-specific interfaces designed for each role. This makes for more intuitive usage and easier system adoption.

Vendor Management 

Manage the purchasing process within Aligni. Connect suppliers to parts and materials needed. Search historical information for analysis including: delivery times, quantities ordered, received quality issues, and pricing details.

Application Integration & Expansion Capabilities

Aligni offers the ability to connect to other software and services as well as built-in API functions. Reduce translation errors and extra steps between related software systems by integrating them with Aligni.

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