Smart Software for Buying Parts & Building Products

Meet Your New Production Management OS

From design to manufacturing, Aligni is your home base for efficient planning, execution, and monitoring.

Centralized, Universal BOM Management

Track Changes More Effectively

Proactive Inventory Management

Production Build Management and Part Usage Tracking

Professional-Grade Procurement

Build Your Own Oracle

Integrate BOMs, Builds, and Buying in One System

Collaborate Effectively with Shared Data

Increase operational speed and efficiency while reducing costly errors by consolidating information in one app.

The Complete Package

All the tools you need to effectively manage your inventory and supply chain processes

Multi-Level Bill of Materials

See what components go into a build – even in its sub-assemblies

Lean into Historical Data

Gain valuable insight with ready-access to
historical quotes, purchases, and usage information on all of your parts and assemblies.

Part alternate management

Aligni connects substitute components to specified parts with pricing and availability, making it easier to make BOM changes.

Multi-Warehouse Inventory

Receive, track, and build with
inventory at multiple sites.

Integrated Vendor Collaboration

Manage quote and purchase conversations in one place and provide suppliers the ability to adjust information in the system

Cloud-Based Accessibility

Access Aligni worldwide via any modern
web browser on millions of devices.

Transparent Pricing

Free 30-day trial. Easy upgrades. Easy downgrades with published prices.

API for Extensibility and Integration

Integrate with sales, account, and other
third-party software via the Aligni Web API.

Training Center and Support

Free in-app slide deck training. Free online support. Additional support if you need it.

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