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Online Documentation

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Aligni’s extensive functionality is backed by a comprehensive suite of reference documentation covering all aspects of the tool.

Several guides and tutorials provide problem-oriented and learning-oriented instruction for practical instruction.

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Free Online Support

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Free support for all organizations is available via email through our online support portal. Our customer support team not only have a deep knowledge of Aligni’s functionality but also a background in PLM and MRP so we can support you as you grow.

Aligni’s ongoing product development is influenced by the changing needs of our customers. Support topics help drive our innovation and inform our product vision.

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Self-Directed Training

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Over 300 slides of in-app, self-directed training is available enabling you and your colleagues to make the most effective and efficient use of Aligni.

Employee onboarding and new feature adoption assure that everyone on your team utilize every tool we have to offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – we maintain best practices for SaaS backups for our own systems. We also provide optional monthly backups for your data should you ever need to migrate to another system.

Access to private organizations is provided through a comprehensive role-based access control (RBAC) system.

Please review our subscription details for record limits. You may set your “data retention” settings to “infinite” to have Aligni retain appropriate records for as long as you maintain your account.

Aligni provides a number of exports in industry-standard CSV format as well as a API to integrate with other software and programming systems.

Aligni is only available as a hosted service. We handle all of the system maintenance and upgrades automatically. This allows us to deploy new features on a regular basis and saves your company the cost and hassle.

You can upgrade your Aligni service plan at any time.

The best (most economical and secure) way to put your organization on ice is to remove all collaborator seats to reduce cost. The same collaborators may be added back later.

At this time, Aligni is only offered as a monthly service. If you have interest in annual commitments, please contact [email protected].

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