Advanced Purchasing and Vendor Management with Aligni

Digitally Manage the RFQ Process

Aligni’s ActiveQuote system is your hub for the buying process. Buyers collect parts needed for every build through the software’s Materials Shortage Report and Part Cart functionality. The Part Cart can help collect components required from previous product builds, new builds, or through independent search for parts already in the system. Every item added to the PartCart is automatically added to the RFQ item list. All that needs to be done is specify the quantities, vendors, and any additional notes.

Interact Electronically with Suppliers

ActiveQuote not only streamlines building quotes, it acts as a private portal where interactions between buyers and suppliers happen in Aligni rather than in email. RFQs are sent through the portal to the list of selected suppliers. Vendors using the Aligni ActiveQuote portal are immediately notified of a new RFQ via email. Vendors receive email notifications of any new RFQs and are invited to respond directly in Aligni, greatly reducing the burden on buyers to record and compare responses.

The system provides vendors the ability to respond to RFQs within the portal. Vendors can submit their quotes, delivery timelines, and conditions, instead of preparing emailed versions. With the ability to digitally provide quotes, resubmitting quotes from vendors becomes far less of a headache. This process makes it easier for vendors to manage changing conditions and buyers’ expectations.

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Stay Updated Instantly with ActiveQuote Notifications

Keeping track of what’s happening with quotes and orders can soak up more time than available. That time sink can be more exasperating when there are a number of orders that are time-sensitive in the mix. 

Using Aligni’s ActiveQuote system to manage the purchasing process provides buyers with the ability to receive updates and notifications on the process. These customizable alerts can be received via email, making sure buyers and purchasing managers stay in the know regardless of whether they’re in the application or not.

Maximize Insights from Historical Purchasing Data

No more rooting through emails, file cabinets or asking around for past correspondence. Aligni is the warehouse for past, current, and future purchase orders, quotes, lead times, RFQs, and vendor information. 

Purchase history, in terms of price and quantity ordered graphed over time from prior orders

ActiveQuote stores all communication within the system for easier retrieval and comparison to historical quotes and other vendors. Moreover, buyers can use this stored information to track pricing, vendor performance, and changes in delivery metrics to get ahead of the game and predict potential issues before they manifest. 

These are just a few of the capabilities and benefits Aligni’s ActiveQuote system can provide manufacturers. If you’re looking to go digital with your RFQ process, it’s time to sign up for Aligni today.

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