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Yesterday we pushed an update that provides for currency support throughout Aligni, in particular, Quotes and Purchases. We’re still considering this support ‘beta’ for the time being, and would love to hear your feedback. The documentation pages have been updated with additional information where applicable. Here are the broad strokes.

Site Currency

New site accounts will need to declare their Site Currency. This is the native currency for the site and determines the currency of record for all inventory units. The value of each inventory unit is maintained in this currency.


ActiveQuote now allows you to declare a requested currency which will be conveyed to the vendors on your RFQ. Each vendor can change their response currency, if desired, so that all their quotes will be in the currency they declare.

Cost Sheets for assemblies will automatically convert non-native currencies (using the daily exchange rate) to your Site Currency before computing cost information.


Purchases can also be in a selected currency other than your Site Currency. When you receive inventory on these purchase orders, Aligni will record the new inventory in your Site Currency and provide a default exchange rate (updated daily) or allow you the opportunity to set the exchange rate manually.

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