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Introducing Aligni’s Discuss Everything functionality

Aligni knows that important conversations happen during a product’s development and manufacturing. These discussions make sure product decisions make sense for the performance of the product, from a production perspective, as well as financially. Saving those conversations and where they happen is just as important as initially having them – if not more so. 

Building on these insights, our team has deployed a context-sensitive discussion system to foster these discussions and make your team more effective and efficient.

Conditions change over time, either in sourcing, costing, performance, or other areas. Comprehensive and reliable records of the decision-making process enable your team to move forward with confidence, clarity, and accountability. Access to the logic used previously means a company can skip time rehashing previous work and skip known issues. 

Having an archive of these decisions and what led to them goes beyond just one product or part. It also makes sense to keep these conversations for review when similar products are being developed or parts are sourced. This information is organizational experience already earned.

The above are just a few of the motivations behind Aligni’s introduction of its new Discuss Everything capabilities. We recognize both the hidden and overt utility of storing and making available previous conversations in the design, sourcing, and manufacturing process. Instead of having these interactions via email, Slack, or in meetings where important information can get lost or easily forgotten, Discuss Everything provides the ability to have those important conversations affixed to items and processes that go into bringing that product to market.

Aligni now has the ability to add comments and discussions in a variety of locations within the application to provide in-context knowledge. These areas include:

  • Parts
  • Purchases
  • Quotes
  • Inventory Adjustment Batches
  • Inventory Transfers
  • Safety Stock TimeWarps
  • Equipment

This list is just the start of the Discuss Everything functionality roll-out. We are working hard at adding it to more places in the system, including material shortage reporting and other locations. Site-wide discussion feed and search features are also in the works to help you quickly find relevant comments and conversations in whatever area they may occur.

As we add greater capability, we’ll be sending these additions in both our email communications as well as in later blog posts. Stay tuned!