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Introducing the Build Production Schedule, Build Inventory & Alternates QuickView, and More

Anticipate. Visualize. Strategize. Aligni’s new features promote efficiency and data driven decision making through easy to navigate dashboards and enhanced views focused on leveraging strategic data.

Production Schedule

Many manufacturers face significant obstacles and challenges such as poor production planning, inefficient resource utilization, and an inability to scale. While they may have access to vast amounts of data offering valuable insights, this information often remains siloed within purchasing, planning, and inventory. This lack of communication and coordination leads to delayed orders, bottlenecks, and excess inventory. Centralized visibility of this data is crucial. By applying this data over time, companies can shift from being reactive to proactive in their operations.

With Aligni’s new Production Schedule view you can anticipate and manage demand fluctuations by scaling inventory and build resources, reducing the risk of overproduction or underproduction.

Scaling production needs ensures efficient resource utilization and optimized product planning. Ultimately reducing lead times by allowing for quicker response to changes in customer demand or market conditions.

Visualize the Future

The speed of business is constantly changing. Companies must adapt or risk falling behind amid advancing technologies, instant gratification, and the Amazon Effect. Those that can anticipate future needs and seize opportunities will stay ahead of the competition, ensuring peace of mind for everyone involved.

Having access to a quick glance at the detailed inventory forecast and demand entries for an item, gives you that crystal ball feeling.

Build QuickView – Inventory & Alternatives

Demand is high and supplier lead times are extending past safe stock modes, adding to frustration and threatening line-down situations. Everyone is looking to you. Are you scrambling through a pile of paperwork and discarded emails or are you easily scrolling Inventory & Alternatives to verify and swap out the next part up?

With Aligni the latter is possible. Leverage Item Inventory & Alternatives to enhance your build process flexibility with insights into part alternatives, allowing for rapid adjustments in response to changes in demand or supply issues.

Enhancing Your Vendor Relationships

With Searchable Quote History in the Vendor Portal, Vendors can easily search their prior search history by part number, manufacturer part number, or quote number allowing for simplified strategic planning and decision making.

Streamlining the quoting process by providing quick access to past quotes, reduces the time and effort required to generate new quotes for similar products or services. This can lead to increased efficiency and productivity for the vendor’s sales team.

By referencing past quotes, vendors can ensure that they are providing competitive and consistent pricing to their customers, which can help build trust and credibility.

Vendors can track their own performance and pricing trends over time. This data can be valuable for strategic planning and decision-making, such as identifying areas for improvement or adjusting pricing strategies based on market trends.

More to Come

As we add greater capability, we’ll be sending these additions in both our email communications as well as in later blog posts. Stay tuned!