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This past week, we pushed one segment of our user interface redesign and we’d love to hear your thoughts! ActiveQuote has been a tremendous timesaver for dealing with large semiconductor vendors that typically provide component quotes via email. Several years ago, we moved the entire quoting process out of email and into your component database to streamline the process and make you more efficient.

The new design is a refinement of that process and an improvement in usability. Here are the bullet points of the changes we’ve made.

New Quote Manager


ActiveQuote-Status@2xQuote status has been simplified into three categories:

  • Pending – A new quote is pending until it has been submitted to at least one of the chosen vendors.
  • Active – Once a quote has been sent to a vendor, it becomes active and available for vendor view and response.
  • Closed – You may optionally close a quote to prevent further vendor changes.

Simple filtering helps you keep track of quotes that are still in progress (pending) and those that are awaiting vendor response.


Vendor Status

Vendor status is now illustrated with abbreviated vendor names but you can mouse over them to see the full vendor name.


Clean, Elegant Look

The quote entry process has improved, too, with better use of inline editing for the quote name and description as well as automatic saves, eliminating the need to click “Save Changes”. Vendor selection uses new vendor “short names” or abbreviations.


Collapsible vendor tabs clear unwanted clutter and provide an indication of which vendors have been emailed the RFQ.


Side Bar Quantity Helper

ActiveQuote-Sidebar@2xThe Quantity Helper is still available as a popup tool to summarize part information when determining the quantity to RFQ. We’ve enhanced this capability to support users that use Aligni with wide screens. If the browser window is wide enough, Aligni automatically updates a new right sidebar with part summary information.

Updated Part Cart

Aligni’s Part Cart has a new home above the sidebar navigation panel providing a compact, functional, and elegant look in both collapsed and expanded modes.

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