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Back in December, we released the first stage of our new design look & feel. Today, we’re happy to announce this new look for the Suppliers portion of Aligni. But this update is more than just a pretty façade.

New Look

Suppliers-Cards@2xFor starters, we’ve updated the overall page design to be cleaner, more consistent, and easier on the eyes. Now you can display supplier information in a list format or three-across as cards. Manufacturers, Vendors, Contacts, and Customers (new!) are differentiated by icon and color.

Summary information such as email, phone, address, and distribution is available at a glance and details are only a click away.

Better Organization

Suppliers-Details@2xSupplier detail information is now better organized into tabs, making it easier to find the information you’re after and also bringing some items (like History) into clearer view.

Attachments – Drag and Drop

Suppliers-Attachments@2xModern browsers now support file drag and drop and we love it! Now, when attaching files to a supplier, you can simply drag and drop the file from your desktop to the browser. It makes the Aligni interface feel much more like a native desktop application.

We’ve also added drag-and-drop reordering of attachments to help you prioritize the information better.

Customers (and more)

Suppliers-Customer@2xFinally, we’ve added Customers to the bunch. While not technically a supplier, customers fit the genre of relationships that we’re trying to foster with the “Suppliers” section. You can keep important details about your customers here such as credit approvals, notes, terms & conditions, etc.

Multiple Addresses

Finally we reorganized the addresses and phone numbers a bit. You can now store multiple addresses and phone numbers with any supplier or customer and attach a descriptive label to them for reference.

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