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In January 2014, Trilogy Design announced the end of their technical support, thus ending twenty solid years as a stalwart package meeting the needs of small engineering departments worldwide. We’ve long helped P&V users grow to their next level by offering migration from their existing database to Aligni and look forward to continuing this service.

We’ve recently improved our migration tool for Parts & Vendors by adding support for purchase orders as well as improving the flow for customers to upload their database to us for quick migration.

Upload Your Data

PVMigrationPreviously, the migration tool was run by customers locally and it used the Aligni API to reconstitute their data in Aligni. This was a bit cumbersome for customers without programming knowledge and it isolated us from some of the problems they might have encountered. Now, you can upload your P&V database directly into your new Aligni site and we can perform the migration directly on Aligni servers. Upon completion, you’ll get a full log of the translation with any errors that might require some attention.

To get started, visit your settings page by clicking on your avatar image. At the bottom of the settings choices, select “Parts & Vendors Migration” as shown to the right, then follow the prompts to upload your data. You need to be fully subscribed to do a migration; migration is not provided during the trial period. Also note that your existing data will be destroyed before the migration can begin.

More to Come

We’re not done yet! We still have a few things to add to help P&V users migrate to cloud-based part management. Stay tuned!

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