Free Aligni for Open-Source Hardware Projects

Pardon the interruption, but we’re changing the way open-source (public) projects use Aligni. We expect to have this online very soon.

Open Aligni Features

  • Bill of Materials management for circuit boards, assemblies, etc.
  • Part management to show parts, manufacturers, alternates, and pricing.
  • List of recommended vendors for each part.

Open Aligni Benefits

  • Well-maintained open-source hardware projects.
  • Consistent presentation of open-source hardware projects.

Project Requirements

For a project to be accepted in the Open Aligni community, it must be approved by Aligni to ensure the project is truly in the spirit of open source. It is important that the project contribute positively to the community.

To be accepted, the project must:

  • Have an accessible website with information about the project, beyond just a list of parts. For example, a discussion of the motivation, the implementation, design decisions should be included.
  • Provide a clearly-visible link to your Aligni home page on your project web page
  • Provide enough information to fully build the project.
  • Be in the spirit of open-source projects. (i.e., it cannot be simply an evaluation board for other products that your company sells.)

Projects that will not be accepted for Open Aligni

  • Projects that are really an advertising conduit for your parts that fit the project. For example, you can’t use Open Aligni to host a BOM, but then charge people for firmware that is required for the project. (Note: Selling fully-assembled kits for profit is perfectly acceptable!)
  • Projects that violate, or encourage others to violate, copyrights or good trade practices.