Use Aligni MRP Improve JIT Operations

Aligni’s ActiveQuote Vendor Portal Provides Clearer, Faster Communication Between You and Your Vendors, Reducing the Time it Takes to Get Parts In-House

A large part of keeping Just in Time (JIT) inventory processes running smoothly comes down to fast and efficient communication with vendors. Aligni’s ActiveQuote functionality streamlines those activities by providing a two-way order management portal that reduces the time and effort necessary to stay on schedule and in-sync. It also acts as an easily searchable repository for quotes, prior purchases, and vendor details. This provides buyers the tactical tools to make cost-effective, informed decisions.

Here are a few ways the Aligni ActiveQuote system can enhance your inventory management and purchasing operations.

Work Efficiently with Multiple Vendors to Get Best Pricing and Delivery

Aligni purchase pricing and quantity history graph

Aligni’s ActiveQuote system stores current and historical quotes and purchase orders from all of your approved vendors. This information can be uploaded and updated directly from vendors, reducing email dependence and miscommunication. Buyers can compare quotes and prior performance of numerous vendors within the system. This reduces buyer/planner workload while making sure parts arrive at the time they’re needed – not well before or well after.

Issue POs Directly from Aligni and Use the Vendor Portal to Establish and Maintain Close Communication with Suppliers

Aligni Vendor Portal screen

Aligni’s all-electronic vendor portal enables fast, error-free communication with vendors. No more waiting for emailed quotes. The system allows vendors to enter all the details of the quote to the ActiveQuote portal including contractual specifications. 

Notification of purchase decisions can also be made through the portal to immediately alert vendors to proceed. This digital communication streamlines the buying process and reduces lags or confusion.

Stay Informed with Real-Time Updates

Aligni automatically sends notifications for any push-out and pull-in when vendors change  promise dates or other conditions of the purchase order. These notifications allow the company to respond quickly with production changes and keep customers informed – whether actively using the ActiveQuote portal or in other applications.

These are just a few of the ways Aligni’s ActiveQuote can help increase the velocity of inventory management. If you need to find more efficiency in your purchasing operations, it’s time to sign up for Aligni.

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