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Take control of your inventory - right now and in the future

Know what’s being consumed and plan for what’s needed with Aligni MRP’s inventory management and forecasting capabilities.

Monitor current inventory usage patterns and part specification changes in one place.

Aligni not only manages the consumption of materials in the production process, it is also a storehouse of part specs and vendor source information.

Digitally manage material ordering, receiving and replenishment

Aligni connects supply chain management to the shop floor for more streamlined inventory management. Learn more about Aligni’s inventory management abilities.

Prepare for future needs with Aligni forecasting

Streamline the process of managing part inventory and timely ordering from vendors. Get proactive with demand flows and ordering timelines with Aligni’s advanced planning tools.

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Grow with best practices

Baked-in industry-standard processes and sensible defaults help guide you to operational excellence.

Skip the consultants

Aligni needs no costly on-site migrations, shutdowns, or training by specialists and technicians.

Transparent pricing

No hidden commitments or up-front fees. Upgrades and add-ons are available when you want them.

Free 30 day

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