Product Engineering Needs PLM

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Achieve Better Organization, Collaboration, and Efficiency in Product Development Using Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Systems for Component Information Management

Product Lifecycle Management is more than just a quality process. It is an approach to product development that motivates a team to go beyond the mere tabulation of the parts on assemblies to a full-scale engagement with the living story of the products’ evolution. The process provides comprehensive and collaborative information about the history and development of the product including changes to its design, the parts specified, quality requirements, and other important information to effectively produce the product to market needs. 

Capitalize on Centralized Product Data

Much more than a two-dimensional bill of material in a lifeless spreadsheet, sticky notes attached to a wall, or email trails that lead to more questions than answers, PLM hosts an easily accessible universe of connected data where every part’s history is recorded with usage, change history, supplier quotes, lead times and availability, quality issues, purchase history, inventory, and builds. In short, the PLM process is designed to manage the entire lifecycle of a product from its conception, through design and manufacture, to service and disposal – all from a single data location.

Create Higher Quality Collaboration Between Departments

Using the same data, each department can perform their functions in a much more coordinated manner, rather than relying on tribal knowledge or waiting for project meetings to happen. This is core to the benefits of a PLM system. It means silos are broken down, knowledge is shared, and handoffs between departments are streamlined – all with far less double work and errors.

An example of collaboration activities within Aligni PLM

These are just the tip of the iceberg for how PLM systems, like Algini, can increase the effectiveness of design and engineering activities. Read more about what Aligni can do for your organization or sign up today!

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