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Engineering change management (ECM) can be difficult to manage for manufacturers. It requires coordinating multiple teams and departments, each with their own priorities and objectives. The process of engineering change management requires a high level of collaboration and communication between different stakeholders, including engineering, quality, purchasing, manufacturing, and supply chain partners. It also means managing a large amount of important data. This can be challenging for small businesses, especially when working with dispersed teams or when dealing with complex products that require significant changes. Doing this without purpose built software makes it even more difficult.

Moving to a software system that can manage the ECM process helps businesses get the most out of change management while sidestepping common issues that arise when the process is not collected within one platform. For small and medium-sized companies, the best software choice for managing their ECM processes is a Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) system or Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system. Both software systems can be used to manage engineering change management processes, and it offers several benefits if you’re well versed in how these systems operate. 

When a company is ready to explore moving to a software system that’s designed to manage change management processes, exploring what’s available may be a little overwhelming – especially for businesses who’ve been using homegrown solutions thus far. To help understand how these systems work we’ve developed the resources below.

Aligni Knowledge Center Links

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How Aligni Does This

Our software provides the tools to perform ECM operations more effectively than home grown spreadsheet systems and without the costs and requirements large-scale ERP system require. We’ve created some detailed information on how Aligni systems can help firms move to the next level of part and material management, as well as more effectively manage other aspects of the business.

Aligni Product Links

Engineering Change Management with Aligni
Engineering Change Management with Aligni PLM

If you’re looking to move to a more effective solution to managing your change management process, it is time to step up to a purpose-built system to manage ECRs, ECOs, and BOMs. It’s time to sign up for Aligni.

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