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Vendor Part Number Improvements

VendorPartNumberPO@2xWe’ve updated the Part Display styles to include a new tag. Use this tag to include the vendor part number on RFQs and purchases. We’ve also added a new super-easy vendor part number selection on RFQs and POs. Customers submitting POs to Digi-Key will find this particularly helpful since Digi-Key often has multiple vendor P/N for the same part!


Build Finalization Ledger

A new “ledger style” table is displayed during the finalization stage of a build. This ledger clarifies how material and non-material costs factor in to the total unit cost of finished goods.


Purchase and RFQ Attachments

Attach files to RFQs and Purchases for record keeping and optional vendor view. If you enable vendor view for an attachment, your vendors will be able to download the attachment when they click on the Purchase / RFQ ticket to view it on Aligni. Since the actual attachments are not transmitted via email, you are not limited to email attachment size limitations.

Purchase History

We’ve added a History tab to purchases so you can see when items have been received against the PO. This is great for tracking vendor performance and keeping the timeline of a PO straight!


Slack Integration (beta)

slackLogo1Teams using Slack for messaging can now get Aligni notifications sent in real time. Right now, build updates and some part updates have been added. We’ll be adding more events to the notification list as time goes on so create your #aligni channel today and get started!

Build Location Specification

You may now specify the location of a build. When set to a specific inventory location, the allocation shortage list will consider only inventory available at the build location. The new allocation shortage list page is now multi-tabbed so you can look at shortages by location.

Favorites Popup

Hover over a favorite and click on the ? icon on a favorite to see a part summary popup.


Other Updates

We’ve made lots of other tweaks, adjustments, and improvements. Here’s an abbreviated list…

  • Reorder quantity now has a min / max target range.
  • Part Type and Part Revision may not be added to printed labels.
  • Vendor account numbers show on POs.
  • Purchase order emails now include a CSV line item list attachment.
  • Currency selection has been added for a part’s Estimated Cost.
  • Multi-level drill-down cost sheet option when exporting CSV.
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