Aligni recommends: How to manufacture a new electronic product video

Expanding on our A gentle introduction to electronics contract manufacturing blog post and a highly detailed EMS plant tour video, we share Predictable Designs’ How to Manufacture a New Electronic Product video

John Teel’s video focuses on the intangibles that have just as much influence on whether projects built through Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies will be successful or just an expensive learning experience. Instead of looking at contract manufacturer capabilities or specialties, Teel goes into the details of managing the production order itself, including likely communication issues, quality control aspects, and offering suggestions based on his own experience getting market-ready products built. 

We believe the video is 12 worthwhile minutes of an experienced perspective that will be enlightening for first time electronics manufacturing outsourcers. Of course, we also recommend getting your sourcing ducks in a row with software that’s designed to streamline the process, Aligni MRP.