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Aligni knows managing Bills of Materials properly enables efficient inventory management. Manufacturers can optimize inventory levels and avoid excessive stock or shortages by knowing the exact quantities required for each component. This minimizes delays, reduces downtime, and enhances productivity. 

The BOM is also a reference for engineers and assembly teams. It clarifies the interdependencies between components, allowing for smooth collaboration among different groups involved in the production process. It helps enable production to follow the correct assembly sequence and ensure accurate product manufacturing. 

Additionally, up-to-date BOMs can help streamline the procurement process by providing accurate and detailed information about the required components. With a clear list of part numbers, descriptions, and supplier details, the purchasing team can promptly identify each element’s sources, request quotes, and place orders. The BOM can also provide essential cost information for each component, allowing businesses to accurately estimate the overall cost of manufacturing a product. This helps avoid delays caused by sourcing issues, such as the unavailability of components or incorrect specifications. 

With all these aspects in mind, we have created some resources to help companies get the most out of their BOMs and help manage the process effectively.

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How Aligni does this

Managing the parts and materials that go into a product is a complicated process that includes several departments. Trying to be effective using spreadsheets to do it can become overwhelming as a company grows. When that happens, it’s best to move to purpose-built software to not only manage the data and decisions that go into a BOM but provide the necessary collaboration between groups to streamline the process. We’ve created some detailed information on how Aligni systems can help firms move to the next level of part and material management.

Aligni product links

Aligni Bill of Material Management BOM
Aligni Material Requirements Planning MRP

If you’re looking to move to a more effective solution to managing your products’ bills of materials, it is time to step up to a system designed to manage parts, materials, and the processes of planning and purchasing them. It’s time to sign up for Aligni.

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