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Demand estimation has many benefits when it comes to inventory management. With accurate estimations, businesses can better anticipate customer demand and adjust production accordingly. Proper estimation helps minimize the risk of stock-outs or overstocking by working to predict future customer needs and adjust inventory levels. This allows businesses to gain maximum returns from their inventory investments while avoiding costly losses due to excess inventory costs or dealing with production downtime issues.

Despite advantages, there are challenges to executing demand estimation well. Demand estimates are often based on assumptions and predictions meaning that errors or inaccuracies can occur. For instance, demand estimation can be difficult due to the complexity of demand patterns in manufacturing. Issues can also arise with changing customer tastes, cyclicalities of demand, or industry requirements. Considering these aspects, demand forecasting requires careful analysis and timely updates which can be challenging for businesses to keep up with. 

To perform demand estimation properly, the process typically requires the analysis of several data sets. While some firms still elect to perform this operation through in-house designed spreadsheets or even by hand, many companies rely on dedicated software to manage this task. 

Purpose-built software like Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) or Material Resource Planning (MRP) systems like Aligni have demand estimation capabilities built in. These software systems also have the benefit of collecting and managing the information essential to the estimation process. Moving the process to software also reduces the need for human data collection, transposition, and manipulation that usually leads to errors.

Overall, demand estimation is an important part of inventory management for manufacturing products and the overall efficiency and profitability of the company. By providing accurate demand estimations, businesses can plan their inventory investments more effectively and minimize risks associated with excess stock levels. However, it is important to note that demand estimation comes with its own challenges and potential issues that must be taken into consideration before implementing a new inventory strategy.

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